"musings on a Lake Chelan nano-Winery"

and WineGirl's Obsession with John Deere tractors


Monumental Disco Ball

Our events are monumental. They can be BIG or small with dogs, cheese or a disco ball. But at the center of every event you’ll always find serious wines with friendly attitudes. There’s always something to celebrate around here at The Blending Room. If you haven’t experienced our fun, you’re missing out. Keep updated with our event list below or check out some of our past event posts.

Stay tuned for upcoming Summer Activities.

Tasting Room Wines

Lots of new releases!
2011 Fira Viognier Firá Viognier
My Derby Wife Dixie Dragstrip Merlot
Fira Cabernet Sauvignon Firá Cabernet Sauvignon
Kamari Reserve Cabernet Franc Kamari Reserve Cabernet Franc

Call us to order any of these incredible wines: (206) 659-WINE or (509) 293-9679

Subject to availability.


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