Label of the Month: LotM for November

Posted by on Oct 27, 2009


Fanna Wrecked ‘Em’s Player Profile
Favorite Beverage : wine – cheap or spendy, I’m not picky, as long as it’s not pink.

The above player profile quote is what I turned up while searching for more info on the Derby Girl wine label of the month for November. What I knew: Derek DesVoignes is a winemaker friend of mine (or more friends with Jon, but let’s not get too technical) owning and operating the Woodinville winery Cuillin Hills. Cuillin Hills is a classic Washington micro-winery specializing in Rhône-style Syrah and producing roughly 1000 cases per year. 1000 cases per year is roughly 6 times more wine than I make.

Anyway, one day we were at his winery taking care of business, when he announces that he wants me to try the rosé he’s working on. Umm, interesting, thin-ish but most likely due to the high amount of activity surrounding what had been the day’s activities. Anyway, two weeks later Jon arrives home after a visit with Cuillin and low-and-behold he’s waving Cuillin’s newest label in the air. Without even knowing that I played roller derby, Cuilling had gone and made the first derby wine. Grrrrrr! I was angry for days! I was supposed to make the first rollergirl inspired derby wine! Me, Killer Bee-otch of Grave Danger on the Rat City Rollergirls was supposed to make the first derby wine! I’d had it in the works for months! And in my brain for years taking up space, bouncing off the walls!

Anyway, the label of the month for November is a “2-way” tie between Cuillin’s Derby Girl wine inspired by the Pink Pistols of Jet City Roller Girls:

Derby Girl Rosé

Derby Girl Rosé


Well, Fanna Wrecked ‘Em, it is none other than Killer Bee-otch’s pleasure to bring to you a real, RED derby wine! My Derby Wife Merlot! is the original derby wine inspired by the Rat City Rollergirls! The label sports artwork by the beloved derby poster artist Krysztof Nemeth and is made by a REAL rollergirl! Not to toot my own horn, but it’s true! My label really does win label of the month, hands down, no matter what!

Toot toot! Available for public purchase November 15th, 2009!


Killer Bee-otch #36

Killer Bee-otch #36

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  1. Where’s a photo from the mythical Pegacorns vs. Ligers bout?

  2. Will this be in stores as well? Or is there a will call window at your home office? I might be needing a bottle right-quick in the near future…

  3. Anything for my best customer, Patrick!

  4. My Derby Wife Merlot is available for sale online but if ordered this way, we would ship it via UPS.
    Since you reside in the greater Seattle area, you should contact us by phone or email for the order. I will personally deliver your bottles. with love.