Unleashing Yappy! Hour

Posted by on Jun 9, 2011

Our first Yappy! Hour was today and included four amazingly special guests. Keep up with our Yappy! Hour blog posts as we dogument our summer of four-legged fun.

The kids were kicking off their shoes and the dogs were on sniff patrol in the grass. We brought the wine and some doggie treats, too. Looks like the Kamari Black Label Reserve Malbec was the preferred beverage of choice as selected by the knowsiest of noses, the dogs.

Doggie Treats and Human Treats

Sunshine the Collie-Retriever mix
with owner Melissa

Sunshine and Melissa

and her friend Maybe, short for Maybeline or Maybe we’ll keep her.
with owners Carrie and Charlie

Carrie, Maybe and Charlie

Carrie, Maybe and Charlie are Yappy!

Spencer the Italian Spenone
and his sidekick Spike
with owner Lila

Lila Spencer and Spike meet Sunshine

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