2012 TraX Art pARTy!

Posted by on Feb 1, 2012

Our 2nd annual TraX Art pARTy will be hosted over 2 evenings Saturday and Sunday, February 18 – 19th. Six very talented, Seattle-area artists will be painting live to live DJs and live bands. Each evening at 7pm The Blending Room’s Art pARTy kicks off with wine tastings and light h’ors d’oeuvres*. Expect the paint to fly from 8pm to midnight both nights.

Saturday is all the “official” 2nd Annual Art pARTy. The event will feature very special musical accompaniment all night long, but this event is too big for just one group. Seattle’s Sl0wpoke is two handsome grandsons spinning records. One man rock band Wes Sp8 will also be performing. $5 (advance or at the door) gets you in on the action.

Sunday is the Art pARTy Raffle. There will be more live painting, but it’ll be a more relaxed affair aimed to get art into your hands. $5 raffle tickets get you a chance to win 100% original artworks by these artists. You’ll have your choice of selected pieces from the live session and the past. What a dandy deal!. DJ’on (also unknown as Colonel Mustard) will be spinning records in all styles of music. Raffle drawings begin at 9.

Saturday, the 18th: ($5, free for Blending Club Members)
Doors open 7pm
DJs Sl0wpoke 8-10pm
Wes Sp8 10pm-12am

Sunday, the 19th: (free, $5 raffle tickets)
Doors open 7pm
DJ’on Colonel Mustard 8-11pm

Featured artists:
Dave Bloomfield (Starheadboy)
Sarah Denby (Denby Art)
John Tingley (Tingler)
Sharon Wilfong (Poser)
Ryan Henry Ward (Henry)
Andrew Miller (MANTISART)

This weekend will be better than ever, so stop in, peruse the pieces, watch the show and take home your new mantle piece collection. There will be more incredible art than you can fathom. And the best WINE ever!

Art pARTy


*More details on food and music and artists and gnomes… Stay tuned.

P.S. Stop by Friday evening as we set up for the big weekend. There’ll be music and wine as we get some art up on the walls.