Featured Artist: Lorien Gruchalla

Posted by on Feb 5, 2012

Lorien Gruchalla’s photos will be on display during Red Wine and Chocolates February 11th & 12th. Buy a photographic masterpiece you love, and you will receive a $10 gift certificate on us!

About Lorien
Lorien Gruchalla relinquishes her grip on her camera but three times a day — while she sleeps, while she showers, and during those extra-special private alone times (though not always). The rest of the time, she’s shooting the things that make her happy, which include but are not limited to rusty things, pretty ladies, and the myriad signs that our society is falling apart. When she’s not taking photos (which, again, is a fairly negligible portion of any given day), she enjoys reading the more abrasive of the two-fisted philosophers, experimenting on helpless bottles of red wine, and petting the pretty kitties.