Chelan Nouveau, C’est Incroyable!

Posted by on Apr 17, 2012

2012 for us is the biggest Chelan Nouveau we’ve had to celebrate. With three new wines to be released there’s bound to be something for everyone.

2011 Fira Chardonnay
Fresher than a hickey on a Catholic schoolgirl’s neck on the first day of class. Our 2011 Firá Chardonnay showcases the brilliance of this elegant grape. Fermented in oak and aged in stainless steel, this well-balanced Chardonnay is fruity and full-bodied. We source the Firá Chardonnay grapes from the Famigilia Vineyard in Quincy, Washington. The grassy creaminess and intense fruity bouquet make this dry Chardonnay a superb summer wine.

2011 Fira Viognier
The bouquet on our 2011 Firá Viognier is as intense as your first kiss. You’ll never forget the sweet honeysuckle notes followed by a full body and crisp finish. We are proud to showcase the brilliance of this expressive grape produced in Washington style. We source the Firá Viognier grapes from the Antoine Creek Vineyard in Pateros, Washington. The stone-fruit, honeysuckle and tropical bouquet make this dry Viognier a refreshing treat after a day in the park or our on the boat.

My Derby Wife Shorty Oz Rose

The My Derby Wife “Shorty Oz” Rosé is this year’s ultra special secret release. Sourced from Lake Chelan Syrah grapes grown just 1 mile up the road from The Blending Room, this is our first look at just what kinds of incredible wines come from this region. Spicy and fruity this wine is not short on flavor or spirit. Lightly off-dry the grapefruit bouquet and round body is sure to quench your most dire thirst. Take her home with you and you will agree, there’s not an ounce of flavor missing.